NB-IoT and Cat-M1 devices


Plz could you confirm that “IP-based device, including 3GPP device” mentionned in previous post (Release v1.2 with support for 3GPP devices), allows the connection of NB-IoT and Cat-M1 devices to the LPWAN server?

Other question plz, to be sure because I’m totally new in 3GPP device ecosystem,
I mean, we must have an environment already in place like chirpstack server or it’s just a connection between the LPWAN server and a 3GPP network provider?

Hello Julien,

LPWAN Server exposes endpoints for use by IP-based IoT devices. There’s no need to have another environment, such as ChirpStack. LPWAN Server is not yet able to provision NB-IoT or Cat-M1 devices, but if you’ve provisioned the devices, you can configure LPWAN Server to forward traffic between the device and your application server. If you’ve looked at the API doc recently, I apologize because some endpoints were missing. I’ve fixed the documentation, so you can look under “Device” at the “IP-based device uplink” and “Get IP device downlinks” endpoints. These are the endpoints used by the device. Support for IP devices (NB-IoT, Cat-M1) require that the devices have an x509 certificate with the devEUI as the certificate subject common name, and the device must include the certificate in all HTTP requests.
The LPWAN Server instance must be configured during deployment with the certificate authority that issued the device’s certificates.

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Thank you for your reply,

I understood some points but something isn’t right clear, If I take a subscription from a NB-IoT supplier (for example from France, SFR business propose two NB-IoT packages "SFR IoT connect and “SFR IoT place” with his network)


Certainly I would have a dashboard to manage my devices recover the data from the endpoint (certainly also with an API) etc…, so what is the offer of LPWAN server? Centralize all my LPWAN server (Chirpstack + NB-IoT for example) in a single entity?

Essentially yes. The benefit of using LPWAN Server is to manage devices on different types of networks through one API and one dashboard. If your NB-IoT supplier provides a good dashboard and API and you don’t need to manage other types of networks, you would not receive any current benefit from LPWAN Server.

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