Connection with chirpstack server

Hello, I’m running chirpstack server for long period now, it is hosted in a VM (debian).

I read LPWAN server is Docker component, so if I want install LPWAN server, I should use “API” to connect my chirpstack server or I must reinstall the chirpstack from scratch to be compliant with LPWAN server?

Last point in home page of the LPWAN server website you introduce ( sigfox as a solution for LPWAN, so the sigfox connection is already available with LPWAN server or do you plan to add this feature in your road map or not at all?

Thank you for your help.

Hi Julien,

You do not need to reinstall ChirpStack to run the LPWAN Server and connect it to ChirpStack. It can be easily added to an existing installation.

We have Sigfox on the roadmap, but the API has not been added yet.


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