UI Customization with Lpwan server


I have installed this LPWAN server today, since i was looking for UI customization of loraserver to my end usage with my personalized logo and panels with simple options. Can we do this with lpwan server. If yes, could you please guide help us to do the process.



You’ll need to reference the download, run, and build pages in the Install section of the docs website.

The web client is a separate repo. You can fork that or just make changes locally.
The favicon is the only logo used right now. That is at public/favicon.ico. You can add logos anywhere, but you’ll have to edit the code to insert them. It’s a React app.

Once you’ve customized, build the new assets with “npm run build”. If you plan to serve the UI from a 3rd party server, like AWS S3, you’ll need to set REACT_APP_REST_SERVER_URL in the “.env” file or as an environment variable when running build. Set it to the URL for your LPWAN Server deployment. Otherwise, build a new docker image for the UI server using the Dockerfile provided at docker/Dockerfile. The commands and more specific instructions for all these build steps are included on the build page of the docs website. If you build the docker image, you’ll run that service with the location of the LPWAN Server, so you don’t neet to set the REACT_APP_REST_SERVER_URL variable when building the web client.